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EPP and WorkHaven: A New Partnership to Create More Meaningful Workplaces Across Australia

A joint desire to break the cycle of domestic and family violence and create more inclusive and supportive workplaces across Australia has resulted in a special partnership between Executive Performance Partners and WorkHaven.

WorkHaven strives to address domestic and family violence, develop a connected workplace culture and support victims to become survivors. The company delivers effective solutions to businesses to ensure they have a meaningful approach to domestic and family violence (DFV).

The partnership will see Executive Performance Partners, a leading executive coaching, mentoring and business advisory firm, refer their clients to WorkHaven to foster the support services for businesses to create safer, more meaningful spaces for people to be at their best.

CEO of Executive Performance Partners, David Munro, and CEO of WorkHaven, Jo Mason, created the partnership to provide Australia’s top leaders with the right resources, information and strategies to support safer and higher performing workplaces and communities.

“When I first came across the efforts of WorkHaven, I immediately knew the work they are doing was crucial in reducing the impacts of domestic and family violence,” David said. “I believe a partnership between Executive Performance Partners and WorkHaven will not only achieve great results in preventing and reducing the impacts of DFV but will also create safer, more meaningful spaces in workplaces across Australia.”

Jo said the community-focused partnership will ensure companies are better prepared to support people who are impacted by DFV.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for WorkHaven to better prepare more companies across Australia to support workers who are experiencing tough times due to domestic and family violence,” Jo said. “A partnership with Executive Performance Partners will mean we are introduced to forward-thinking leaders and a greater number of businesses across a variety of industries where we will be able to provide vital services to ensure people who are in need will receive support to navigate through and beyond domestic and family violence.”

As WorkHaven was founded by corporate leaders with lived experience of domestic and family violence (DFV), the firm delivers a unique, experienced approach supported by three key pillars that are committed to reducing the impact and incidence of DFV in workplaces.

The three pillars include:


Drawing on critical research and knowledge of psychologists, DFV experts, human resources, and communications professionals, WorkHaven implements workable programs designed to equip people with the knowledge and skills needed to support someone who is impacted by DFV.

“We believe at its very core, the best way to create and develop a meaningful workplace culture that is established on connectivity and understanding is through education,” Jo said.

2. Enable

Providing tools, information, and resources that enable workplaces and communities to become a haven for people impacted by DFV, WorkHaven strives to ensure workplaces are appropriately equipped to support those in need.

“It is a priority for us to make sure the businesses we are connected with are prepared to provide support to people who are impacted by domestic and family violence, and that leaders and co-workers are equipped with the right insights and understanding to play their part too” she said.

3. Empower

Building awareness, sharing insights, and creating a collective movement, WorkHaven aims to create workplaces that empower their people to play a part in the stand against DFV.

“Empowerment is a strong facilitator in encouraging those who are impacted by domestic and family violence to seek support from their workplaces,” Jo said. “Unfortunately, many people do not step forward until it is too late and that is something we believe we can change by empowering workplaces.”

David believes the three pillars on which the WorkHaven approach is structured are a standout. “The pillars the team at WorkHaven centre their approach on is not only valuable to the success of their services but it also provides a new way for workplaces to interact with people to create more meaningful spaces,” he said.

“I look forward to seeing the approach in action and witnessing the creation of safer spaces across a variety of industries.

“I truly believe the partnership between Executive Performance Partners and WorkHaven will see a positive change in workplaces throughout Australia,” David said.

The partnership will see the two companies strive to make workplaces better and safer places for people to be at their best and to create amazing communities around them.

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