Frequently Asked Questions

Executive coaching has value, but we believe it needs an update to keep pace with the demands on leaders and business owners in our challenging world. Performance Partnering is firstly all about partnership. We sit beside not across from our clients and share ownership and accountability. Our performance guarantee is this shared accountability in practice. A Performance Partner will leverage coaching, mentoring, advisory, problem solving and accountability as needed. Secondly, Performance Partnering focuses on performance outcomes where coaching focuses on development. By putting outcomes first, we can select the leadership habits or development that is most relevant at any one time, rather than working through a set curriculum. Growth and development in this way can actually embed faster. Finally, Performance Partnering isn't just about the session. It's an ongoing relationship with support and troubleshooting on an as needs basis. We are there when our clients really need us.

Our regular way of partnering with clients is one hour 1:1 each week, with email and phone support in between to address any emerging opportunities or challenges. We strive to make this the most valuable hour of the week and, distinct from coaching or investment in development, our clients experience quick uplifts in performance and gain great traction from this time. The proof of this is in the urgency to reschedule when circumstances mean the regular time isn’t feasible, its often the last thing our leaders would part with if they were on a desert island.

EPP work on a retainer basis, so there is one standard, flat fee per month.  Please contact us for more information regarding our fee structure.

Essentially, if you don't achieve the targeted outcomes we are working towards together, you don't have to pay your fee for that month. It's that simple. We mean it when we say your performance is our performance. That is the true essence of partnership after all. Not only are we confident, but our track record speaks for itself. We are proud of the fact that not one of our clients has called in the guarantee.