Meet the Team

Shenae Munro Chief of Staff and Education

Shenae is a foundation team member and has a deep knowledge and understanding of the vision and methodology that is unique to EPP.  She is passionate about developing innovative solutions and assisting the team in delivering exceptional standards of work for clients and members of the EPP community.

For almost 20 years, Shenae worked in Education in an array of teaching and leadership roles, across sectors. She uses her knowledge of learning, and experience with identifying and responding to individual needs, when developing and delivering engaging and bespoke professional development solutions for clients.

Outside of work, Shenae is a proud mum of a little rockstar daughter, a sunshine enthusiast who loves spending days at the beach and ‘breathing in the ocean’, enjoys running whilst listening to Ed Sheeran, and values making time to be with family and appreciating all the good things in life. As one of the most optimistic people you are yet to meet (or ‘sparkly’ as the team refer to her as), she will leave a lasting impression as someone who truly enjoys what she does and genuinely cares about the satisfaction, success, and happiness of the EPP community.

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