Meet the Team

David Munro Chief Executive Officer

Partnering with business owners, executives, leaders, HR professionals and board members to push the needle from good to great is what energises David Munro, the CEO of Executive Performance Partners.

It is this unwavering commitment to deliver proven and tangible results, along with his vast experience in behavioural science, organisational psychology and HR, which has firmly entrenched David as a ‘go-to’ partner for leaders who want a credible solution for themselves and their organisations.

For more than 20 years, David has worked for or alongside more than 5,000 of Australia’s top executives, leaders, board members and owners across all sectors. David is often referred by his clients to their peers thanks to his unique psychologist lens with a strategic business approach.

As the CEO of Executive Performance Partners, David leads and supports the team of 15 experts who have all led and walked in an executive’s shoes. It is this combined expertise and experience, which sees the team continuously deliver exceptional results for their partners, including an increase in their sales, revenue, productivity, profit and growth.

David and the team are unapologetically rewriting the understanding of executive coaching and applying a scientific and technical lens, which holds both parties accountable while replacing the complex with the compelling. Their unique approach uses a blend of executive coaching, mentoring, problem-solving, business advisory and accountability solutions to ensure that partnership delivers on the metrics that matter to the leader and business.

Outside of work, David is a proud dad of two kids, a die-hard motorbike and sports fan with a penchant for 90s rock music. As one of the most extroverted introverts you are yet to meet, he will leave a lasting impression as someone who genuinely enjoys what he does and the results he achieves for his valued clients.


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