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A Leadership Challenge

A Leadership Challenge for us all today – What have you done to earn your Leadership today?

It is critical to remember that being a Leader is a privilege that requires work every day to get better….as Leaders we owe that to our people to EARN that privilege every day.

Leadership is a series of ongoing challenges to execute, perform and grow.

Getting into a Leadership position is the first challenge, the bigger one is to re-earn that right on a daily basis.

A good way I find that the CEO’s I work with reflect on this is….”If someone watched me developing and performing as a Leader yesterday, would they be excited to select me for the role today?”

In short, did I earn my role as a Leader yesterday to justify my privilege of being the selected Leader today?

This mindset means that we see our Leadership as a never ending daily development opportunity on our path towards being a great leader.

This is a great challenge to yourself and your leaders to develop a truely best practice Leadership culture.

So the key question that you can ask yourself today, am I earning my Leadership today so that I deserve that privilege tomorrow?

Have a great day all and I hope this Leadership mindset tip is a good two minute opportunity to reflect on your Leadership today.

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