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G8 Education: Tabitha Pearson

Tabitha Pearson joined G8 Education during the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020 as the Chief People and Transformation Officer.

G8 is one of Australia’s largest providers of quality early childhood education and care and has more than 470 early learning centres across 21 brands. The company has experienced incredible growth from 10 childcare centres to 470 early learning centres and nearly 11,000 employees across Australia.

To assist this growth, Tabitha is currently building a scalable foundation for a dispersed workforce from a systems and process perspective to ensure the business can execute the business strategy.

With 25 years of experience in senior people and culture leadership roles, Tabitha has managed large and diverse teams in ASX listed companies, across finance, hospitality and retail, including Super Retail Group and Myer.

Tabitha is currently working to define the employee experience and build a capability strategy and plan. Not only does she oversee all things people, from hiring to training and safety, she plays a key role in building a foundation of compliance standards and human resources systems to ensure each department is aligned. The transformation aspect of her role ensures the delivery of strategic projects and programs are in harmony with the cultural and personal development of the team.

Tabitha has had a long-standing working relationship with the Executive Performance Partners team spanning over 10 years, which has continued into her placement at G8 Education. The Executive Performance Partners team are currently engaged to provide leadership coaching at G8 Education as well as support the development of the capability strategy for the business.

With a strong background in organisational psychology, Executive Performance Partners has built intuitive tools and programs that support Tabitha’s requirements for performance psychology and emotional intelligence and in turn enhance the organisational culture of G8 Education.

Our Scorecard for Success

In her current role, Tabitha had core goals she wanted to achieve for G8 Education:

  • Identify the organisational identity
  • Provide support and a toolkit of engagement programs to assist in the development and cultural transformation strategies.
  • Establish a reporting system that consolidated performance statistics of education centre and employees.

Having worked with the team at Executive Performance Partners for more than 10 years, Tabitha clearly sees value in their work.

In her role at G8 Education in particular, Tabitha leverages the expertise of Executive Performance Partners to collect and digest data to understand the current performance standards and forecast potential performance. This provides her a starting point to implement development programs and HR practices that will lay the foundation for organisation growth.

The team at Executive Performance Partners has developed a range of automated engagement, volume assessment and 360 review reporting systems that collect and consolidate data.

This allows Tabitha to understand and digest the skills, capabilities and attributes of the entire organisation and develop robust cultural transformation strategies.

Within 12 months into her role, Tabitha has a strong understanding of the organisational identity and feels confident in her roadmap for cultural transformation.

Tabitha says:

“I have worked with David Munro at Executive Performance Partners for more than 10 years. I have retained our engagement through each role I have had, because I believe he is the best.

“Executive Performance Partners’ fundamental difference is its understanding of the psychology behind performance. They get to the core of why people are asking for something, the emotional buy-in, why it’s important, and how to better deliver and build relationships with those that you’re working with for improved productivity and performance.

“Their ability to read people and determine what motivates them helps me better navigate difficulties and minimise resistance.   For me in my job, that’s what I need.”

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