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Easternwell: Kyle Koziol


In 2007, Kyle Koziol joined Easternwell, a leading provider of innovative solutions that increase safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability for some of Australia’s largest resource companies.

Over his career, Kyle worked in strategy, business development, human resources and health and safety in government, oil and gas, mining and telecommunications industries. Kyle has led significant growth in the company and positioned it to succeed with top tier operators in the energy industry.

Kyle has worked successfully in several roles at Easternwell and in 2016 was appointed General Manager of Easternwell Energy.

In late 2020, Kyle had an expanded remit which covered both energy and the mining sectors where he oversees 700 staff and operations in both Toowoomba, South Australia, North Territory and Perth.

Upon the new appointment, proactively Kyle engaged Executive Performance Partners to ensure he was providing the best leadership for his expanded team. His objectives for his Executive Performance Partners’ Scorecard for Success were:

  1. Enhance his performance as a leader.
  2. Work with him to effectively manage and lead an entirely new sector and team.
  3. Provide guidance to ensure he meets his key strategic goals for future growth plans and also lend an ear for daily opportunities.
  4. Build his confidence to be the best leader for his team.
Our Scorecard for Success

Once Kyle’s Scorecard for Success was developed and key business and personal goals were set, the team at Executive Performance Partners broke his plan down into a few key stages.

These were achieved through weekly meetings in person or through regular video calls to check in or calls as items came up.

The first stage that Kyle and his executive performance partner approached was to identify key drivers and what he was going to be held accountable for in the new position.

The second stage worked on how to incorporate several individual objectives for Kyle as a leader, including people, financial, safety, growth performance and performance of the business into his larger strategy.

The third stage worked on Kyle’s leadership style from operating in a functional capacity to being accountable for key outcomes for the business.

Running parallel to these stages, Executive Performance Partners provided ongoing support through tactical guidance on day-to-day challenges and opportunities as they arose.

For Kyle, it was the opportunity to have an ‘ear’ to talk through items as they came up and discuss the right approach and find solutions.

Kyle made it clear when working with the team he wanted subjective guidance so he could develop the tools and his confidence to enhance his leadership style.

While the outcomes speak for themselves, particularly when you have an active Scorecard for Success to measure against, according to Kyle the greatest value of this partnership was seen in just a few months when his direct boss departed the business, and it was announced they wouldn’t be replacing that role.

This meant Kyle had a higher level of reporting and more responsibilities – an opportunity he saw as an avenue for growth.

Through his weekly sessions, Kyle was able to gain clarity around the new opportunity and determine an avenue to support his development and confidence around the extra responsibility.

Another area Kyle saw drastic improvement was in his communication with his team and working with them on setting key goals and performance indicators for themselves and the business.

By engaging the key techniques provided in his sessions with Executive Performance Partners, Kyle was able to set key objectives, review what areas they needed support, what barriers they were facing and where Kyle, as their leader, could best assist them to achieve their own personal Scorecard for Success.

By adopting this approach, Kyle quickly saw that by enhancing his own leadership performance it was having a ripple effect through the company and was creating very frank and honest conversations within the organisation.

When asked about the key results achieved to date, Kyle instantly lists the following:

  • “Overall, it has increased my confidence as a leader.”
  • “Helped me better position my people and enhance their own skill sets and performance within the broader company.”
  • “Helped me remain objective and not let emotions lead my decision-making.”
  • “Improved my communication skills.”
  • “Helped me keep my eye on the broader strategy – from a personal standpoint and from a business point of view.”

Kyle also shares that:

“Executive Performance Partners are my secret weapon. The support they provide me personally and professionally has really changed my view on executive coaching. They bring such objectivity and scientific thinking to everything they do. They are great at identifying quickly where somebody is, as far as their leadership capability, and building from there.

“Knowing I have them supporting me and there to bounce ideas off has really built my confidence as a leader.

“When a challenge has come up, they have been there to talk through the issue, provide an objective viewpoint and often bring me back to my core objectives and goals. This has been incredibly helpful.

“The Scorecard for Success and measurement tools are incredibly useful so we can always bring ourselves back to what matters, what we set out to achieve and what metrics are a sign of progress.

“If someone is looking for a performance coach – I can’t recommend the team at Executive Performance Partners enough. They have a style and approach which brings a new level of energy and really engages you as a leader.

“The tools they have provided me has enhanced my leadership performance, but also has helped me impart that skill set to my direct team members and it’s helped them as well.”

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