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Brisbane Business Hub- Enhancing Executive Performance

PRESS RELEASE: SEPTEMBER 2021Written by Brisbane Business Hub

David Munro: Enhancing executive performance with a little help from the Hub

Partnering with Australia’s business owners, executives, leaders, HR professionals and board members to push the needle from good to great is what energises David Munro, of Executive Performance Partners.

The Brisbane-based firm is unapologetically rewriting the understanding of executive coaching and applying a scientific and technical lens, which holds both parties accountable while replacing the complex with the compelling.

Their unique approach uses a blend of executive coaching, mentoring, problem solving, business advisory and accountability solutions to ensure that partnership delivers on the metrics that matter to the leader and business.

The concept and model behind Executive Performance Partners had been percolating with David for some time. However, it was around 18 months ago he decided to put the idea to the test.



David and his Chief Operations Officer, Andrea Levinson, became involved with the Brisbane Business Hub after hearing about the services the space offers to the local business community, including co-working spaces, free workshops and events and free one-on-one mentoring with industry leaders.

It was while they were at Brisbane Business Hub their idea to change the way people viewed executive coaching and their ‘secret sauce’ for a measurable solution really came into its own.

“Between us we have around 50 years’ experience in this space,” David says. “We decided to really put our idea to action, around 18 months ago, and it was during our time at Brisbane Business Hub our idea got turbo-charged and we saw accelerated growth.”



David knew it was a strong concept and business model, but it was during conversations with Brisbane Business Hub experts that the formation of Executive Performance Partners truly formed.

“We really took advantage of using the centrally located premises and went to a number of the workshops, but the most important thing the Brisbane Business Hub provided us was the access to top-tier advice,” David says. “I enjoyed mentoring sessions with Helen Besly at Rowland, Simon Dell from Cemoh and John Kettle from McCullough Robertson, and their advice was invaluable.

“The quality of connections and the advice we received was phenomenal and not a service any relatively new business would be able to achieve or afford when experiencing accelerated growth.”



Of all of the sessions that David has attended at the Hub, he says the one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry experts provided him and his business with the most value.


“I really connected with the advice Helen at Rowland provided us on our brand and how to position ourselves in the market,” David says.

“Simon provided incredible insights about understanding your brand before you start to network or set market expectations and John provided pragmatic, practical and sound legal advice.”

David says the connections he has made with Brisbane’s business community through the Hub have been crucial to the growth of Executive Performance Partners.

The Brisbane Business Hub helped us facilitate some great connections – the right connections at the right time with the right people

“The Brisbane Business Hub helped us facilitate some great connections – the right connections at the right time with the right people,” he says. “We’ve turned those connections into commercial relationships, and we’ve gone from growing well to accelerated growth.”



“We now have a team of 15 experts, increased from three since March 2021, who have all led and walked in an executive’s shoes,” David says. “It is this combined expertise and experience which sees the team continuously deliver exceptional results for their partners, including an increase in their sales, revenue, productivity, profit and growth.”

How fast? David says the results speak for themselves.

“Per annum, we have helped clients increase their sales performance by 25 to 140% and deliver client profit growth of 65%, within just 12 months operating,” David said.

“But the thing I’m proudest of is that we’ve delivered more than 2,200 of our Executive Performance Scorecards, and over 99 per cent of our clients have met or exceeded their performance goals. In fact, based on our active scorecards with each client, we are averaging around 250% in return of investment for our clients.”

Their unwavering commitment to deliver proven and tangible results, along with their vast experience in behavioural science, organisational psychology and HR, has firmly entrenched the duo as ‘go-to’ partners for leaders who want a credible solution for themselves and their organisations.




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