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Liam Downey Strategic Account Manager

Liam has an intense commitment to supporting people succeed. As Strategic Account Manager, he relentlessly strives to bring this passion to supporting business growth. Using his background in human resources, organisational development,
and talent acquisition, Liam recognises the importance of putting plans into action, accountability, and how small changes can lead to big outcomes.

Working for companies of various sizes and industries, from Mulgowie Farming Company to Woolworths, Liam has a seasoned ability to work effectively with leaders of all types. With a strong belief in the EPP ‘why’ and methodology combined with his caring and driven nature, Liam will go above and beyond to build personal relationships that matter with a mission to actively foster and grow the EPP community.

Liam is inspired daily by his friends, family and outside of work enjoys spending time outdoors typically catching waves or on the golf course. With a passion for fitness, health and wellbeing, Liam has a genuine, caring, compassionate nature and thrives on seeing others succeed.

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