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Andrea Levinson Chief Innovation Officer


It was when Andrea Levinson recognised the leading role work plays in people’s lives and a personal passion to make that time at work more enjoyable, that she decided to switch vocations from accounting to organisational psychology.

That was around 20 years ago and the drive to enrich people’s experiences and output at work has never waned in that time. In fact, as CIO of Executive Performance Partners, her focus has intensified to not just enrich but enhance those experiences.

Drawing on an impressive career in senior and global executive roles and a complementary toolkit of experience in organisational psychology, human resources, behavioural science, change management, and business transformation, Andrea is in high demand as an advisor for leaders wanting to create new habits, meet key objectives and grow their professional skill set.

Andrea adopts a forward-thinking approach that arms leaders with techniques that can be filtered down within their teams and impact the success of the wider organisation.

Working with an executive to help them improve their leadership style, which moves a business forward and develops ongoing sustainable practices, is what really gets to the heart of what makes Andrea tick.

Andrea oversees the operations of Executive Performance Partners and is single-minded in her focus for creating customised scorecards for clients and that the team sits beside the client, not across from them, to provide outcomes.

Outside work, Andrea is constantly in motion, from volunteering to help refugees learn English, working on a community project in Nepal, mentoring probationary psychologists, dabbling in interior design, completing a 300km charity bike ride to parenting an inquisitive toddler. Andrea is not one to sit still, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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